Glasgow University Student Television is part of the Students Representative Council's publications arm, and narrowcasts two programs a week during term time to a small network of around 15 televisions around the University of Glasgow campus. It's entirely student-run, although technical assistance and equipment is provided by the uni's Media Services division.

GUST began in the mid-seventies, making it one of the first student TV stations in the UK. Over the past few years, they've also done very well at the annual NaSTAs (National Student Television Awards), making them one of the best too.

The station's offices are at the top of the SRC-occupied John Mackintyre building, right in the middle of University Avenue. This is where you can usually find a couple of GUSTies, as well as an edit suite, a few Macs for effects, the dubbing station, and a big big tape library of previous shows. If you want to make a segment for either their news or entertainment show, pretty much any student can stop by and borrow a camcorder.

At the corner of Southpark Avenue and Gibson Street is the Southpark Studios. (No, not that South Park) It's really the Media Services base, but they have a pretty decent sized studio, designed for making promotional films for the uni and videotape lectures and such. GUST get to use the studio for free every Thursday between 5 and 9, and spend a couple of hours on GUST News, and generally plan to start their Big Breakfast-style show, G-Spot at 7-ish.

Filming is usually a laugh.. it's often that 'recorded live' kind of show, where the tape starts rolling, and we try not to stop till the show's done. Plus, it has the added advantage that if something does go wrong, it's possible to stop and start again.

And once the filming's done, everyone heads out to the pub :)

The programs are shown on the network in a continuous loop on Friday, Monday, Tuesday and sometimes Wednesday, too.

The network is occasionally used for other things, such as Daft Thursday, the annual Fresher's Address by the heads of the uni to new students, and anything else big affecting students, such as the voting in of a new rector.

Also: the GUST Summer Season

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