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Frontman and guitarist for Soda Stereo, one of the most popular rock bands in Argentina and Latin America from the mid-Eighties until its demise in 1996.

Cerati's first solo project was an album called "Colores Santos," a collaboration with Daniel Melero, released in 1992. "Amor Amarillo," released in 1993, was Cerati's second solo project. Since going solo in 1996, he's moved more into an "electronic" style, working on projects with titles such as "Plan V" and "Ocio".

For his latest project, "Bocanada," Cerati delved back to electric guitar with a stronger "Latin" flavor than Soda Stereo's last studio work, "Sueño Stereo." Cerati's fascination with all kinds of music has lead him to occasionally go for a "different" sound (such as the bass and symphony he found in London).

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