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A city in India, now in the far north of the central state of Madhya Pradesh, and before independence the capital of the large princely state of Gwalior. The city is renowned for its temples, gates, and sculptures, and especially its great Fort.

There was a state in the Gwalior region from about 900, but it was extinguished by the Delhi Sultanate in 1232. In 1731 the Mahratta general Ranoji Rao Sindhya broke away from the Mughal Empire and founded a Sindhya dynasty (formerly written Scindia in English); the capital was moved to the city of Gwalior in 1766.


Ranoji Rao Sindhya          1731-1745
Jayappa Rao Sindhya         1745-1755
Jankoji Rao I Sindhya       1755-1761
Madhava Rao I Sindhya       1762-1794
Daulat Rao Sindhya          1794-1827
Jankoji Rao II Sindhya      1827-1843
Jayaji Rao Sindhya          1843-1886
Madhava Rao II Sindhya      1886-1925
George Jivaji Rao Sindhya   1925-1947

history from http://rulers.org

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