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HMS Ark Royal is an Invincible class aircraft carrier. She was built by Swan Hunter in their yards at Wallsend. She was orignally to be named HMS Indomitable, however the old Ark Royal was decommisioned before the would be Indomitable was named and so the name was passed on. She was completed 1 November 1985 and her flight deck recognition letter is R

Her stats are as follows.

Displacement: 20600 tons
Length: 209m (685ft)
Beam: 35m (118ft)
Draught: 8m (26ft)

Engines: 4 Rolls-Royce Olympus TMB3 Gas Turbines
Shafts: 2
SHP: 94,000
Top Speed: 28 knots
Range: 5,000 Nautical Miles at 18 knots

Air Search: Type 1022
Surface Search: Type 992R
Navigation: 2 Type 1006
Fire Control: 2 Type 909

Ship's Complement
Ship's company: 686
Air Group personnel: 366

Goalkeeper 30mm (CIWS): 3
GAM-B01 20mm (AA): 2

Harrier FA2: 9
Harrier GR7: 3
Sea King HAS6: 9
Sea King AEW2: 3

Battle Honours
Bosnia 1995-1996

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