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"Boil some marrow out of bones and combine with it in equal quantities, almond oil, white vaseline, olive oil, coconut oil, and half the quantity of castor oil. Rub well into scalp the day before washing hair."

from: The Aunt Daisy Cookbook with Household Hints, 1968

A substance that was applied to the hair as a stimulus for hair growth. You'd have to be pretty desparate before trying some home remedies. In this case, it was either kill or cure. What amazes me, is that this hint is from 1968 - not exactly the Dark Ages!

Webster reckons that marrow "In the larger cavities is commonly very fatty".

So, combine that with vegetable oil, mineral oil distillate, vegetable oil, vegetable oil and vegetable oil and then wash your hair the next day.

While it sounds more like sympathetic magic than a mix that is likely to do anything, I don't think it is going to do any major harm to you.

Now if the good Aunt had put some garum in there, perhaps there might be cause for complaint. Heck, she didn't even include cod liver oil - too smelly, I guess.

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