It's Hammer Time!

In the early 90's MC Hammer did the impossible. He started wearing pants that look like they were stolen from an Arabic genie. He didn't just get away with it either. People actually started emulating his genie style.

Hammer pants were a style of peg-legged baggy pants, with a huge billowing crotch that went down below the knees. They were made out of this strange kind of shiny metallic parachute material. Strange was to good a word to describe these pants. Maybe Hammer got away with it because everything that he did was one big show in the first place. Maybe he was lucky. But he was copied, from the ghetto to the suburbia, he was copied. Fans of MC Hammer begun to wear similar clothing. But rarely would someone be seen in public with a pair of pants as extreme as the ones that Hammer sported on a daily basis.

Hammer pants faded from popularity almost as fast as Hammer himself did. Now they are but an amusing footnote. That one last bit of glam rock that somehow attached itself to rap. You can't even find a pair of Hammer pants on Ebay now. Even a web search turns up little on the subject. Hammer pants were destined to be forgotten from the very beginning.

heyoka tells me that you can still see Hammer pants in Syria, without all the flashy colors. They are called Turkish trousers.

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