Often used in mining, the hammermill crusher crushes friable materials by direct impact against its rotating hammer. Forcing the material against the breaker plate, further degrading the particle size, the material is then forced over a discharge grate by its hammers -- finer particles drop through the grate and the larger particles continue on for another crushing cyle until they are fine enough to drop thorugh the grate. Through the entire process the materials are constantly being impacted by the hammers and the mill casing itself. Repeating between 750-1500 times per minute -- this sequence grind the particles fine enough to finally discharge through the grate.

A primary factor in choosing a hammermill is the wear created by the material's abrasiveness, so materials harder than limestone may not be suitable for a hammermill.

These mills are used primarily for grinding coal, or soft limestone. While more expensive than hammermill's. jaw crushers, cone crushers and roll crushers are more suitable for crushing materials in which you do not wish to have a large percentage of ultra fine material.

Hammermills are usually stainless or carbon steel shaft's with blades or a roator with hammers that act together to break up the materials, the typical hammermill will break materials to 30-40 mesh partical size. Hammermills are often more suitably used for secondary and third stage crushing.

    Hammermill features:

  • Material is reduced by impact from free-swinging bar hammers
  • Finished Product size controlled by grates or screen sizes
  • Materials can be reduced to granular powder at high rate.
  • Heavy-duty cast-iron or carbon steel construction
  • Right-hand or left-hand machine available
  • Easy access for maintenance and screen/grate change

    Hammermill applications

  • Recycling glass
  • Feed industry
  • Stone crushing
  • Size reduction of waste materials
  • Electronics recycling
  • Ceramics
  • Pulverisation of sea shells
  • Minerals
  • Wood particles for fuelwood
  • Limestone

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