He's in my english class, and he says the most beautiful things ever. I am a person who hates reading tons of meaning into a work of literature, music, or art. I love to take things at face value (not that I can't appreciate whats underneath). Some things are just not meant to be rooted around in. It's like a field full of freshly fallen snow; it's beautiful until you go tromping around in it in your big old snow boots and get it all dirty. I like to see literature and art this way. From what he says he does too. He thinks that Daisy Miller (from the short story by Henry James) just doesn't care about social restrictions. She's not innocent or ignorant ; she just doesn't care. Everything he says makes so much sense. I love to listen to him. He's so profound without all the profundity. I hate profundity. When stupid people talk, I can just feel his overwhelming annoyance with their pitiful opinions. I do believe he is the first boy ever that I've wanted to fuck just because he's smart and I like what he has to say. He says the most beautiful things, and I just find it so utterly attractive.

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