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You have to be careful with this, some IRC'ers have volatile emotions, and are hurt easily by even three letter words! Observe:

<hamsty> yeh
<hamsty> heh
<ni-ux> hehe
<ni-ux> argh
<ni-ux> stop "heh"'ing my hehe
<ni-ux> fuck i hate that
<ni-ux> it's like a pity laugh
<ni-ux> "well, it wasn't good enough for 'hehe' but better give it a 'heh' pity laugh"

I tend to use "heh" when I'm too lazy to hit e again, but I guess that's no excuse considering I've an alias for "hehe" (/h). I just realized that I'm too lazy for words.

Note: this was purely in jest. Sure.. sure it was, ni-ux really isn't that sensitive.

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