After I sat there while I was working and listened to the state of New York's senate vote on their gay marriage bill, heard all the senators stand up and give speeches as to why they were voting "YES" but then, ultimately, the bill wasn't passed, I about blew a gasket. I've had about enough. Yet again, this country, which is supposed to be all about freedom and civil rights, has failed to end one of the final legal bigotries that we just can't quite seem to shake off. After Proposition 8 and Proposition 1 (especially 8) and now this, I have to say something. Anything. I can't hold this inside of me. This insanity is starting to eat at me like flesh-consuming bacteria.

This is going to be ranty I'm afraid. Maybe I should submit it to the BitchQuest. The point is, I'm not going to do any research so some of what I'm about to say may not be accurate, maybe even flat-out wrong, but I don't care.

First of all, a lot of people might wonder why am I getting so emotional over this issue of gay marriage? I'm not even gay. I've even asked myself that a time or two. But here's why, let's just get this out of the way. It's because I love this country, I believe in it what it stands for... or what it's supposed to stand for. But right now I am disappointed in it. I am embarrassed. I am ashamed that here, now, in the 21st century, we still have legalized discrimination and bigotry in this nation. It disgusts me. It is utterly shameful that we are fast-approaching 2010 and we are still telling a group of people that they don't deserve to have the same rights as others, that they are second-class citizens unequal to others just because of who they are! We are sending them to the back of the marriage bus and - and this could be the most shameful thing of all - black voters in California helped do this! I could not fucking believe it when I read that a good number of the Yes voters on Proposition 8 were black. Have I gone down the fucking rabbit hole? Did I take the red pill? If so, can I have the bullet-time superpowers so I can go kick some ass?!

Before I start going off on the stupid, ignorant Religious Right in this country, the Evangelical Jackboot, maybe the only explanation for blacks in California completely forgetting about the 1960's civil rights movement (I could go on and on about the religgies until next Tuesday) I want to get to the point I want to make here. The rest of this is aimed directly at the homosexual readers. Yes, you.

So how did the blacks finally get their fair treatment under the law, since so many people seem to have forgotten this? They had Rosa Parks refusing to go to the back of the bus, for one thing. But more importantly, the had the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. They had a wise, intelligent, articulate, passionate, but rational man to champion their cause, become the undisputed leader of their cause. This one single person was a galvanizing force, an educated no-nonsense and common sense kind of guy who got everybody to listen to him, had the leadership ability to get virtually all his people right behind him, and Dr. King marched to Washington, almost looking like he had every single black in American in tow, and demanded change, he'd had enough and damn it, he or his people weren't going to take it any more! It's amazing when you think about it, how much change was brought about by this one human being.

The point is, this is what you need, my gay friends. You need a Dr. Martin Luther King! You need a gay advocate with the qualities that Dr. King had, somebody powerful. Somebody passionate yet sensible. Somebody people will listen to. Somebody who can persuade the middle-roaders, the ambivalent center. You have had Harvey Milk and he did a lot for your cause in the 1970's, but clearly there's more to be done. Presently, you need somebody even better than that, now more than ever if you want marriage equality, because now you're up against a powerful force of ignorance and hate, the organized religions, who've made oppression a profession for thousands of years. You need your own reverend, a Dr. Martin Luther Queen, if you will! You need one powerful person that every single one of you would stand behind, march to Washington with if that were logistically possible.

Why am I telling you this, a man who is already married and straight? Because my country is fucking insane, that's why, and I am goddamn sick of it! I have heard all the arguments against gay marriage and not a single fucking one of them holds water because at the end of the day it's about simple fairness! Why is this such a fucking hard concept to grasp?! Sanctity of marriage, religion, scripture, Leviticus, grrrr, I'm up to my back teeth with it a Brit would say! Enough of the bull shit!

So get your shit together because this is getting embarrassing! Find your Dr. Queen, go to D.C. and say, hey, sorry, fuck you, this is unconstitutional, and we're not putting up with it anymore! Somebody step up, please! What? Do I have to do it myself?

Sure, you might say that you have protestors all the time, those who speak out, who make their voices heard. But I've seen the media coverage both when gay marriage is legalized and illegalized. The individuals you see celebrating and/or ranting often look like they're Rocky Horror rejects or auditioning for a Village People cover band. And there they go, using guerilla tactics to get attention, public displays of affection and liberal disregard for modesty that nobody - gay or straight - should engage in. And they really think that'll get people on their side. "But that's what the media is showing!" you might argue. Well, so what? Show the media somebody else!

No, what you need is a Suit, truth be told, somebody the people of this country will take seriously, even gay marriage opponents. You need a gay Barack Obama. And you need one soon, because, speaking of our current President, now you have man in office who believes in gay rights. Even though he hasn't actually done much on this front yet, he's at least been talking about getting rid of Don't Ask, Don't Tell and DOMA. Now is your chance. If he ends up being a one-termer and we end up with another Dubya in the White House in 2013, you could have only about three years left now with a good chance of finally getting your right to marry... in every state. If you don't get something done now it might be 2017 before you get another opportunity like this.

So seize the day, gay citizens of this country! Somebody step up to the plate! Can anybody here on e2 do it? Wiccanpiper maybe? He's a smart, sensible, personable guy, young enough to be attractive yet old and wise enough to be taken seriously. Maybe not him, but somebody, please, lead your people to the "promised land!" One of you have a fucking dream for crying out loud!

Thank you.

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