After the last operatic notes of Tonight is the Night I Fell Asleep at the Wheel fade out, leave the Barenaked Ladies' 2000 album Maroon playing. Ghostly piano fades in, like footsteps at the end of a hall, and the quiet singing starts. Given its spooky positioning after a song about death--and dying happy--it's hard to believe that this song could be about anything but the soul. What does it say? Not much; BNL were right to make this a bonus track. It has a simple--but pleasant--tune, simple and pleasant lyrics, and a wistful, quiet feeling that makes it a good ending to Maroon, or to any mix tape you make.


Suddenly things become unsound,
stumbling upon the shaky ground.
Given arrows to shoot tornadoes down,
shoot them down to the ground.

Saw a falling leaf, for good luck jumped to grab:
much to our surprise, a butterfly.
Then it sunk in, this injuration--
injuration in our lives:

Inside ourselves,
a hidden sun that burns and burns
and never does any harm to anyone.
A hidden sun that burns and burns
but never does any harm to anyone.


oh, anyone

a hidden sun

oooh, a hidden sun...

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