Oddly enough, a park located in the western area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada; it also lends its name to the bordering neighbourhood along Bloor street to the north. The three other boundaries of the park are Parkside Drive to the east, the Queensway to the south, and Ellis Avenue to the west.

In total, the park is made up of 398.5 acres* of wooded hills, gardens, a large pond, bicycle and walking trails, tennis courts and other athletic facilities (including an outdoor pool), a petting zoo, and even has an outdoor hillside theatre popular for an annual "Shakespeare in the park" summer production. Needless to say, the park is enormously popular with residents and visitors alike, and it's virtually impossible to visit during the summer without tripping over clusters of families with small children or people walking their dogs. (More often, several dogs, who all seem to want to chase me when I go for my morning run.)

The park dates to 1836, when the property was purchased by John Howard, Toronto's first surveyor, who named it "High Park" because of its view of Lake Ontario. In 1873, Howard deeded the property to the City of Toronto.

*To put this in a comparative perspective: New York City's Central Park is 843 acres, while Vancouver's Stanley Park is a whopping 1000 acres. While High Park might sound tiny in comparison, it is still almost half the size of Central Park and more than a third the size of Stanley Park.

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