A state of mind,
exact quote:

"I used to ride with a vending machine repairman,
he said I've been down this road, more than twice.
He was high on intellectualism,
I've never been there, but the brochure looks nice."

lyrics from the song-Everyday is a Winding Road from Sheryl Crow.

Actually intellectualism, in psychoanalytic terms, is a defense mechanism, like denial. It is a way of dealing with stress, anxiety and other minorleague mental illnesses by talking about and around problems.

Example: The person who can tell you how depressed they are in terms that are interesting and engaging, but in a detached, "like I care" manner. Clinical, but not really compelling.

This song, is a form of self parody, because if you are saying you are high on this, you obviously are not.

Intellectualism is all head and no heart.

It is the opposite of being emotionally involved. Like the film, The opposite of sex.

Ask Deborah909 for more info.
That is NOT a shot at her. It's like a referral, because she can speak to this in great detail. It's a problem she probably treats at her place of employment.

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