A lawyer, mother, and politician; sister-in-law of California senator Barbara Boxer. The smartest of the Clintons and probably the smartest of the Rodhams too. Her inside-the-Beltway CV predates her hubby's. Demonized like no other First Lady since Eleanor Roosevelt, and it will only escalate if she insists on running for the New York senate seat that Rupert Murdoch thinks should rightfully belong to his Favorite Son Rudolph Giuliani. A native of the Chicago area.

Hillary (Rodham) Clinton is the female politician of the times. No other First Lady has ever run for president, and even though she didn’t get the democratic nominee for 2008, she’ll be back in four years surely. Her top policy she promoted was Universal Health Care, as the 43rd First Lady and New York Senator alike. Her proposals to the senate, albeit rejected, were the first of their kind for the US. Even though Michael Moore’s Sicko says she eventually got paid off by the insurance/pill industry, she at least made a valid effort in pushing for Universal Health Care legislation in the 90’s. She was indeed the chair for the Task Force on National Health Care Reform, appointed by the president.

Hillary Clinton was born in 1947. She went to Yale Law School in 1969, and University of Arkansas Law School in 1975, eventually heading to the Rose Law Firm. She met Bill Clinton at Yale in the library, and she was the one that introduced herself first, “If you’re going to keep staring at me, I might as well introduce myself.” It is prominent to note that Hillary was into the exact same politics, law, etc as Bill was from day one. They married in 1975, and had a daughter, Chelsea, in 1980.

After being First Lady she became a senator in 2000. “She is the first First Lady elected to the United States Senate and the first woman elected statewide in New York.” (Whitehouse) Her 2004 re-election was a landslide victory.

What profusely confounds me about Hillary Clinton was how man-like she comes across in her pant suit. What I mean by this is the fact that her far reaching liberal tendencies “turn off” the motherly roots that the female voters might have grasped onto just because she is a woman, but do not. She does better with the men, when it comes to votes. And although she pushed a ton of children related legislation in her career, a majority of women do not attach to her womanhood. Her haircut is very professional, but short enough to pass off as a man-dew. I really have to wonder what the history books will say about her involvement in increasing women's rights in the United States political atmosphere. I imagine it would be something along the lines of, "It took a woman who acted, dressed, and talked like a man, to get women's rights in politics." (Also see Margaret Thatcher, first European Prime Minister.)

Clinton’s campaign for president in 2008 saw an early lead in the first primaries and since Super Tuesday has ended up pushing uphill in a losing battle. She won two states that lost their votes for pushing up their election day too early, Florida, and Michigan. Her contesting that these votes should count was her last false hope, but proof of her stubbornness. When she rolls around for the 2012 election she could simply campaign on “I don’t give up” and possibly win just because of that. Her Iraq policy is nearly identical to the current Bush administration’s, contrary to the old “You’re a democrat so you must be against the Iraq war” tendencies. In fact, when asked, she told the press that she would still be in Iraq well into her 2nd term of office.

There is no question that Hillary has matchable charisma as her husband Bill, who fended off impeachment possibilities over a sex scandal. That sex scandal and the rest of Bill’s baggage may have cost her the democrat nominee on the ticket in November, (and imagine how pissed off McCain’s election team is because they can’t open up a closet full of skeleton material), but we have not see the end of Hillary Clinton.


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