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The Kingswood is a top Aussie vehicle. It was originally designed for military use as a tank but Holden decided to remove the cannon and called it a car. There are several hundred thousand million Kingswoods in Australia and lots now go faster than originally intended because apprentice mechanics have stuck massive donks in them. Federal legislation makes it compulsory for all apprentice mechanics to drive Kingswoods. Kingys with front bench seats are tops because you can fit 16 of your pisstank yobbo mates in them with room for a slab. The windows are extra wide so you can stick your fat arse out and moon people. The Kingswood is a top Aussie.

The contents of this writeup written by Grant(Nosedog) and can be found in its original form at http://www.topaussieguide.com/ Permission gained from Grant on 20 November, 2000 to reproduce the text on everything2. Many thanks

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