The neat, round, black circle left on the front and back of a body in any Hollywood film to indicate that they have been shot.

The Hollywood Hole is relatively universal across the action flick genre and applies whatever calibre and type of weapon is used, although in the case of heavy explosives sooty faces and some blood are usually preferred. A shotgun will leave as neat a Hollywood Hole as does a .22 calibre pistol. The hole will also be identical to that left by a .357 magnum or an AK-47 assault rifle.

The Hollywood Hole is a device to prevent the movie-going audience from actually thinking about what they see, thus enabling the ludicrous suspension of disbelief (or in may cases, sheer ignorance) that permits such images as Sylvester Stallone accurately using a belt-feed machine gun one-handed, while that feeder belt is wrapped around his arm.

As such, it's invaluable for the purposes of jingoistic propaganda and military recruitment drives.

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