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Honduras 2009

Here is a collection of (mostly non-mainstream) articles that I found interesting about events in Honduras in 2010.

(January 27) Honduras: The video Cesar Silva was tortured for. The video Edwin Renán Fajardo Argueta died for.
"After this video was finished, Cesar and Edwin began traveling around to the barrios in Tegucigalpa, showing the video... Edwin was assassinated on December 22, 2009... Cesar was chased down and dragged out of a taxi. He was taken into custody and tortured for about 30 hours."

(January 27) Hondurans Protest Inauguration
"over 200,000 Honduran teachers, small business owners, lawyers, youth, farmers, and many other employed and unemployed people march 5 kilometers across the city.  They are protesting what they see as corruption and an illegitimate government... Since the coup... thirty-two activists have been reported assassinated"

(February 5) Honduras: State Terrorism against the resistance movement
"Every effort is being made to white wash the coup d'état... Vanessa Zepeda, a 29 year old nurse, active member of the resistance and union organizer, left her home at 2pm. Her body was later dumped out of a vehicle... Blas Lopez, a teacher and leader of the Pech ethnic group, was murdered in the village of Carbonal. He was an active member of the resistance."

(February 9) History Repeats: Committee of Relatives of the Detained-Disappeared of Honduras
"Back then... paramilitary groups and death squads would assassinate and disappear people in a clandestine manner, so that it was difficult to point them out as the criminals. Today, they do it in broad daylight... Less than 24 hours after having been sworn in, Minister Álvarez carried out one of his infamous madrugones, or pre-dawn raids."

(February 25) Latin America Excludes United States and Canada in New Organization
"the Obama team's ambivalence toward the military coup that overthrew the democratic government of President Mel Zelaya in Honduras last summer provoked deep resentment and distrust throughout the region... the US and Canada blocked the OAS from taking stronger measures against the Honduran dictatorship last year... The Honduran coup was a threat to democracy in the entire region, as it encouraged other rightwing militaries and their allies to think that they might drag Latin America back to the days when the local elite, with Washington's help, could overturn the will of the electorate."

(February 25) Solidarity with the Honduran Resistance Movement
"The FNRP has documented at least 254 human rights violations, including murder, kidnappings and rape, since Pepe Lobo took over for the de facto government... It is believed that Claudia’s cowardly assassination is meant to intimidate not only the FNRP, but also the independent media."

(February 26) COFADEH list of murders since the coup in Honduras
"he was riding his bicycle on his way to play soccer when according to eyewitnesses; he passed the parked police patrol M110- 6. As he passed the vehicle, the boy yelled “Golpista” at them. In response, a police officer got out of the patrol car with his official firearm, and fired two shots into the boy’s back and head... Daughter of a prominent Radio journalist and outspoken member of the Resistance was shot in the face and killed when she opened the door to her home. Her two young children witnessed their mothers murder."

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