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The first time I saw Hospital of Death, it was at Bloodstock in 2009. They were playing in one of the side tents and had come recommended by a person I was camped near. I knew it was going to be awesome when they opened with the theme from Casualty. And then knew it was awesome when they closed with the theme from Quincy M.E.

They're what you might describe as "party thrash" kinda like Gama Bomb or Bonded By Blood or Lawnmower Deth or similar, are this quintet from Warrington in Cheshire. Their stuff is fast and razor-edged but has a wicked sense of humour. They're also massive geeks, and have done songs about Judge Dredd ("Deadly Wheels of Steel"), Big Trouble in Little China ("Stormbringers"), a cover of the theme from Transformers, and the usual thrash standards of drinking too much ("Let's Go Apeshit," "Two Glass Eyez," "Kicked to the Kerb,") and stuff that seems awesome when you're pissed. It's not uncommon for there to be a medical theme to their stuff either, as befits the name - "Fear the Ambulance" is about an ambulance driven by Satan that picks up wounded chavs and finishes them off, and "The Iron Matron" is, well, what it sounds like, it's about being strapped to a bed in a hospital awaiting the titular Iron Matron who's "hold you down with her awful deadly stare" and then "take a rusty razor and shave your pubic hair."

They're hardly serious but it is extremely amusing. They do have quite a sense of humour. They do a song called "We Go Together" which is not a cover of the number from Grease (which would be funny) but a parody of slushy power ballads. "We go together like... like Jack Daniels and Coke" and so forth. Similarly, the end of "Enter Titanus" which is about a giant robot laying waste to everything ends with a chant of "TI-TAN-US! TI-TAN-US!" which switches to "TIGHT ANUS! TIGHT ANUS!"

There's not really too much more I can say about them. They're amusing and headbangable. Go get their stuff. It's all self published and they let you get it for free on the internets. I recommend it immensely. Or, if you want to help keep them in beer vouchers, you can buy their stuff also in increasingly elaborate packaging for different prices.


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