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A series of ads running in comic books in the 70's. Each ad ran one page and featured a Marvel or DC superhero.

Although the plot lines of the ads varied a little, they usually followed this formula: a supervillain tries to take over the world. A superhero offers them some Hostess products, which distracts the villain. The superhero captures the villain and celebrates his victory by eating some pies with some nearby children.

Surprisingly, this was a very succesful ad campaign, as evidenced by the fact that the ads were produced in quite great numbers, with over 2 dozen heroes appearing in hundreds of episodes.

Of course, even though the ads feature Marvel\DC heroes, they don't take place within the continutiy of their universes. They probably take place in alternative dimensions. In fact, the Crises on Infinite Earths was probably started to wipe out these splinter fruit pie worlds.

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