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How'd it Look?

"Well it looked good in the chutes." I said,
Like a good friend told me once.
"Ah shut up Tex, I told you that,
I already rode him once."

"I don't understand," I said with a grin,
"What could possibly've gone wrong.
Ya' didn't spur him, ya' didn't escape him,
And ya' didn't hold on very long.

When he went left and you went right,
I thought that you had 'im bud,
By the way you grabbed your hat and yelled,
I'd rather be eatin' mud!

And when your left foot got hung up,
In what God only knows.
I said, hey Jim there goes Ronny,
He's gonna win this rodeo.

He drug ya' half way cross the grounds,
I yelled YEE-HAW ride 'im son.
And when he slammed you into that wall,
I knew you were havin' fun.

Yeah it looked real good from here my friend,
Watchin' you and that bull dance."
And with that they shut them two big doors,
On that long white Ambulance.


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