It`s quite simple but still many people don`t know how to do it.

  1. Copy all files in C:\Program Files\ICQ\2000b\ (change the location if you have it somewhere else and the name of the folder can be slightly different (2000a, 2000b and so on...)) to some backup folder.
  2. That`s all. All contacts, history and preferences are stored in those files.
When you need to restore it after reinstallation, follow those easy steps:
  1. Install ICQ as usually.
  2. Run ICQ, choose "Register existing user", insert your number and password and let it register you.
  3. Close ICQ.
  4. Copy all files prom the backup folder to the folder where they are supposed to be owerwriting all files there.
  5. If you installed newer version than you had before, run ICQ Database Converter and let it convert the files.
  6. Chat with friends again :)

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