Ey der, oomie! Dis ib Bagh'Nakh, agh me ib guin tu lurn lat hu to blah lik urks!
(Hello, human. This is Bagh'Nakh, and I'm going to teach you how to speak like orcs do.)

Sinz lat ib juzt agh toopid oomie, lat juzt neeb to gruk ash tingie: "Gib urks tribuut tu Wargoth"
(Since you're just a stupid human, you just need to know one phrase: "Give us orcs tribute for our war god.")

Agh ib lat gib us shinies agh fuud, den uz nub clomp lat.
(And if you give us gold or food, we might not kill you.)

But, ib lat triun to blah like tru bubhosh urk, den deez agh tingies lat mite blah:
(But, if you're trying to really speak like really good orcs do, then these are things you might say.)

Numbers(although orcs typically cannot count well, if at all):

  • zuth - zero
  • ash - one
  • dub - two
  • gakh - three
  • futh - four
  • H - five
  • Hash - six
  • Hdub - seven
  • Hgakh - eight
  • Hfuth - nine
  • HH - ten
  • HHash - eleven
  • and so forth..

Der! Nuw lat gruk hu tu blah lik urk, su gu tu latz furt, agh start tu blah like ash, su dem oomies kan blah: "Gah! Wut agh dumhed, Har!"

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Orc speak for Shadowclan Orcs on the Catskills and Siege Perilous shards from Ultima Online. Some speak was originally created for use by the Shadowclan, while some is borrowed from Tolkien.

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