To cite an Article in a Reference Database which I think qualifies as:

 "Article Name." Name of Website. Version number. 
     Date the page was last updated. 
     Person who provided the entry or the sponsoring organization.
     Date the page was actually looked at by reasearcher.

 "triangle." Vers. 2.0. April 2000.
      Jabberwocky. June 1, 2000. 

As interpretation of the MLA categories varies (especially when dealing with something such as Everything2 which has no set entry style), here is the default "internet source" style with E2 values:

Username. [user e-mail address if you can find it]. "Node title." In Everything2. [<insert node_id here>]. timestamp.

Be sure to include all punctuation that I have shown! It is very necessary when you wish to follow the MLA style!

For a full example, here is the one I just made for my paper (it'll be noded once I finish):

Muke. "Dvorak." In Everything2. []. Aug 1, 2000.

Thanks, Muke!

UPDATE - I was incorrect. I should not have included the line breaks.

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