Back when it all started, I didn't know much about much, except where to find the Magrittes and that cigarettes were overpriced. This figure-skater down the hall was something of a friend, we shared alcoholic mothers and uncertainty of God.

My roomate, however- we prowled around each other like feral cats. Chicago was a deep forest of a city, and a wolf lurked 'round every corner. I had been forbidden to go out after dark by my mother, a woman fearless of picking fights with men twice her size. Well, some nights, at least. Made sense to me, but I went out and got myself lost at midnight my first week there. I've been luckier than some, though.

Let me tell you about this crazy Scorpio I met a while back. Thought maybe she was Ginsberg or Eliot, one of them. Kind takes trips all lost and randon, sparked a dream I had myself, plains deserts and destitute. Body been aching for wide open sun, freedom, speed, and grey bubble of dreams all striped in yellow. Smell of gasoline, light you a cigarette, the last big bang?

I had this guy once, we wished for a magic button- crazy in mad like that, but never admit it. Tried so hard to unpeel our juicy fruits, lost a sacred battle to apathy and lonliness. Voice once heard, never liked your own photo, did you? Rawk star. Always liked the speedier side myself. Alien light and roar, how *do* you handle a stage? Ever face fall down in the public's view? Where to be found? The best tree for portraits, sunlight beauty. If only you knew, chillens, only you knew.

Your story begins here.

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