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As in Britain, we drive on the right side of the road, that is the left side. But that is as much as the similarity goes.

Don't try the British technique of waiting on the kerb by a zebra crossing. Malaysian drivers are as agressive as French and Italian in this case. You just have to take 1 or 2 steps on the zebra crossing before they stop.

If there are no zebra crossing, look at the on-coming drivers right in the eyes (yes to your right), put up your right hand in the "please stop" position, and cross confidently. You may have to stop at the centre of the road and then repeat the same procedure with your left hand and looking to your left.

Waiting in the middle of the road with fast moving traffic on both sides is an experience to remember. Hence, the more careful would walk the extra distance to a location where there is actually a road island to take refuge in before crossing the opposite lane.

Thanks for the correction, Jinmyo.

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