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Hu"man*ize (?), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Humanized (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Humanizing (?).] [Cf. F. humaniser.]


To render human or humane; to soften; to make gentle by overcoming cruel dispositions and rude habits; to refine or civilize.

Was it the business of magic to humanize our natures with compassion? Addison.


To give a human character or expression to.

"Humanized divinities."


3. Med.

To convert into something human or belonging to man; as, to humanize vaccine lymph.


© Webster 1913.

Hu"man*ize, v. i.

To become or be made more humane; to become civilized; to be ameliorated.

By the original law of nations, war and extirpation were the punishment of injury. Humanizing by degrees, it admitted slavery instead of death; a further step was the exchange of prisoners instead of slavery. Franklin.


© Webster 1913.

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