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Hurlder: An athlete who sprints either 55m, 110m, 300m, or even 400m at a time on an oval running surface. Oh yea, there's barriers in their way, up to 42", also.

Hurdle technique: Use your hand as though you were putting a key into a door. It should never cross the center of your body as that would shift momentum sideways, causing you to lose balance. The thumb should face downward.

Use your opposite leg to simulate kicking in that same door. You should lead with the knee and keep your toe up. The heel should snap down as soon as it breaks the plane of the hurdle. This is achieved more effectively by puching with the arm that is not "holding the key."

Your trail leg simply has to step through the doorway, it just has to do it with the knee leading through the armpit and toe up. So thats:

1. Put in the key
2. Kick in the door
3. Walk on in

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