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Superkingdom Eukaryota
Kingdom Plantae
Division Magnoliophyta (formerly Phylum Tracheophyta)
Class Magnoliopsida (formerly Class Angiospermae)
Subclass Asteridae (formerly Subclass Dicotyledonae)
Order Solanales
Family Hydrophyllaceae

The waterleaf family, containing 17 genera and about 250 species. Usually annual herbs, occasionally shrubs. The placement of this family in order Solanales is a bit controversial; some scientists merge the Hydrophyllaceae with family Boraginaceae under order Boraginales.

Hydrophyllaceae's seventeen genera can be organized into subfamilies and tribes, listed below. However, since I could find no associations besides the obvious ones, I did not try to inject the subfamily and tribe names into the list of genera.

Subfamily Hydroleoideae (sometimes put in its own family, Hydrolaceae)

  • Tribe Hydroleeae
  • Tribe Wigandieae
Subfamily Hydrophylloideae
  • Tribe Hydrophylleae
  • Tribe Romanzoffieae (Phacelieae)
Subfamily Namoideae
  • Tribe Nameae
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