A Hyper Producer is a type of Stars! economic design. It's centered around having low pop efficiency (1/2500) and large numbers of high efficiency and cheap factories - typically in the range of 14/8/21g or thereabouts. This results in a slower starting race, but one that eventually ends up with more resources.

Originally they were created to counter the then-monstrous 4% Hyper-Expansion. Of course now they're about the slowest economic type that's still viable. Best used in a galaxy of medium size or larger if you're playing with 12+ people.

The average HP looks something like this:

PRT: (you choose)
Gravity: 0.22g to 4.40g
Temperature: -140C to 140C
Radiation: 40mR to 90mR
(1/3, almost 1/4 hab)
Growth rate: 18%
Population efficiency: 1/2500
Factories: 15/8/21g
Mines: 10/3/18 (though more here is better - you'll be germanium limited to create those factories after all)
Weapons cheap, rest expensive and does not start at 3.

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