I'm thankful for my feelings being invalidated so that I could learn how emotions work and better my control of them.
I'm thankful for the memorable sexual harassment I experienced in high school so I can relate with other women without having been raped.
I'm thankful for my anxiety holding me back most of my life so I could think through it and finally make the choices I need to.
I'm thankful for my depression and the lies it tells me about myself so I can believe my friends when they say they're not true.
I'm thankful for my parents divorcing so I wasn't disillusioned into thinking marriage is mandatory and necessary for love.
I'm thankful for my former best friend no longer speaking to me so I can better understand what real friendship is.
I'm thankful for all of the breakups in my life so I can see that I am worth much more than the alcoholics I dated.
I'm thankful for how I don't fully fit in anywhere so I can continue to hone my skills and get along with almost everyone.
I'm thankful for the state of my country so I can live through the dark days and come out on the other side with insight.
I'm thankful for my neglect of this site so I may pick it back up and look back at how much my writing has changed.
I'm thankful for my ability to be thankful, that I have beaten enough of my negativity to be grateful and happier.

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