This August, 6 years will have passed since I had my last drink. Previous to that, I had spent almost 40 years as a practicing alcoholic. Of course, like most alcoholics, I had no idea that I had a problem. I believed I was just a guy who loved to drink and if people didn't like it, then they had the problem. Anyway, without going into a 5th step, suffice it to say, that 6 years ago, I had hit my bottom. It was at that time, that a power greater than myself, sent an old friend and someone I trusted, to give me a guiding hand.

My friend suggested I go to some AA meetings; in fact he suggested I go to at least one each day for the next 90 days. Now the miracle in this is the fact that I agreed. Certainly the idea that I had a drinking problem had been suggested to me before, but for reasons I can't explain, this time I believed it. So off to Alcoholics Anonymous I trudged.

Now, without getting into some long spiel, lets just say that AA saved and changed my life. The fact that I've succeeded this long without taking a drink, is a miracle in itself. Do I wish that I could drink? Absolutely, but I can't. As the first step in AA states, I am powerless over alcohol and (when I drink), my life is unmanageable. And I've learn how to enjoy life without drinking, something never before conceivable. Believe me, before, I would have never had time for E2, it would have interfered with my drinking.

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