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What is written on H.P. Lovecraft's gravestone in Swan Point Cemetery, Rhode Island.

August 20, 1890;
March 13, 1937

“I am Providence” is a quote from a letter he wrote to James F. Morton in May of 1926. It is also a quote from The Life of St. Anthony by St. Athanasius, a highly religious christian text. It is said by Satan when he comes to St. Anthony. The text reads:

'Once a demon exceeding high appeared with pomp, and dared to say, "I am the power of God and I am Providence, what dost thou wish that I shall give thee?" But I then so much the more breathed upon him, and spoke the name of Christ, and set about to smite him. And I seemed to have smitten him, and forthwith he, big as he was, together with all his demons, disappeared at the name of Christ.

Or it could have just meant that he was born and died in Providence, Rhode Island.

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