I've got a picture of you I look at sometimes. Pictures tell us certain things depending on what we want to see. They let us reduce infinite complexities to simple truths. There is always more if you look closer, now there is grit, now there is more that was hiding earlier. Details emerge. Distance is good too, it can yield perspective. I do this: I don't want depth usually. I would rather simple looking and taking me back to when it was, what was ours, what we found.

But today I look closer. Dark circles under your eyes, an up all night too tired. There are birds skittering around in the background, all of them together except one off to the side. On its own. All alone. This one can be you, and that one will be me. Close your eyes, tell me what you see. There is more than just ocean back there. The waves come in from two different angles, criss-crossing. Cancelling out or at least calming each other. I was hoping we might do the same. There is a network of blue just under your skin. Barely showing through. If I look too closely they vanish, but from further away they emerge again. Dancing along slightly beneath, lost in the lines. I am not sure I want this, it is also hard to say no thank you. Let's tumble down, let's fall back up.

lets break each other and forget to make up.

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