"I come to you, defences down
with the trust of a child."

Red Rain-Peter Gabriel

What if I would look at you directly . Think about this for a moment. What if I would look directly at you, to you , into you. What if, for some brief moments you and I would speak with the honesty of those on death row. In voices usually reserved for last rites or farewell. What would we say if we would speak from inside, without reservation. If the fear of embarassment or rejection was gone, if the need to impress or seduce did not apply, what would you say? What would you want to hear?

What words would you leave for your parents, if you knew they would be the last ones spoken to them ? What words would you leave for your children- born or unborn (still to come, still to shape you more than you shape them)? What would you say/ask of your friends- what do you want to leave them with? Wouldn't honest, heartfelt answers be better than all the questions left unspoken?

What would he say if he knew?
Did he know what I really thought?
I wish she had known about----

Don't consider this a dirge. It is not about death and failure- it is about life and achieving connections with others-

I come to you, defences down

Come- now! Take it as background music for an assault- think -WAGNER! -think freedom.

Go to these people- say these things- speak those things unsaid, and empty those lockedunderthebed chests. The ones that will no longer weigh heavy with the unsaid, unspoken and unshared. Imagine being free to say what you think. And when others say- later- if only I had told them, if only they had known - you'll say- well, they did, they did know.

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