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I mean, yeah, I could, you know. Quit. And stuff. I could. I mean, I have stopped before for a couple of weeks. Cold turkey, and that crap. I have done that. It was cool. I mean I was sick all the time and my brother had to take me to the ER, but it wasn't like it killed me. So, yeah, I could quit. It's not that big of a deal, really.

So, yeah, I could do without this stuff, yeah. I used to work in this record store, and I could, like read people's mind and know what they wanted when they walked in the store and looked around. It was cool. And the manager said I was like, gifted and stuff. But he fired me, cause, on a account of I missed a couple weeks of work and stuff. So, that was before. You know before, Marcia OD'd and stuff. Which was last spring, or Easter or something. I'm not sure.

I was thinkin' of traveling, ya know? Going down to the Gulf, fishing for some marlin-ya know? That would be cool. Get one of those lobster sunburns, ya know- just the arms and face and stuff? Yeah, that would be cool. I would yeah, we could do that, yeah. I mean, I told Marcia we were gonna do that when she saved up some money and got some time off. But, well, she's gone and so I guess time off doesn't matter anymore. So no go on that. Yeah, it really is bumming about her. How old? Really? I thought she was like 30, or something. Wow, 24. Jeez, that really sucks. Well, you never know. It must have been her time, ya know? That's what my dad used to say. Yeah, he's dead too. The bottle got him. That's how it goes. Yeah.

So, like I said I could quit, but not this month, too much bumming and stuff, people giving me grief for not paying the rent and that jerk down at DCFS about my check and everything. I'm gonna go out and get some stuff. I'll be back in a while, yeah.
Hey, don't laugh, man. I could. Ya, know, I could. 'K. Later.

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