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the leaves are falling, of course they are wont to do such stuff this time of year and though i miss vibrant greens and trees that seem much more alive, i can not help but.. well, i lust after fall winds, breezes and drifting air.

there are earthy oranges, brown, mostly but.. not plain, or seemingly boring and even if the colours did not draw my attention there would be that scent. when the leaves have settled for some time the smell picks up on wind and i can feel childhood, halloween specifically. and, i can taste the sweetness.

today, i walked and dropped to my knees on damp earth to take it in, because there is nothing more for me, sometimes, nothing more than this. i adore the way it can take on a taste and thusly effect every sense.. it is never limited. the first bits of a season, the transition, those are always the most amazing..

melting snow revealing failing grass and earth that waited so terribly long just to breathe.

sometimes, there are smells so beautiful, so intense that they can't be compared to any one thing because they take on more than they ought to (memory casts such peculiar shadows, lights, on matters of present). there is but one thing i've found to be similar most all of the time.. soft, sweet flesh, that of moist lips.

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