The man on the radio today says That was SR-71 you just heard. Bad day for airplanes today, huh? He means the Concorde. He does not sound like he is sorry about it. He is saying it not so much to convey information or share a moment of sorrow with anybody. He's saying it so we'll think Hey cool, DJ reads the news. DJ is up to date and hep to tragedy and he will keep me up to date and hep to tragedy. I know I am going overboard here and I know I would be even angrier if he had expressed sympathy. I would have said Faker.

Also I do not like it when he says The roads really suck this afternoon especially near exit 47, there is a fatality blocking up traffic. It sounds self-righteous even to think That fatality has a name buster. But I think it. I would not feel better if he said Susan Matthews has just flipped her car over and died in it and screwed up the whole rush hour for the rest of us. Still it seems rude to leave her nameless.

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