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Perhaps his goals have nothing to do with money?

The culture of the company has always been to reach the goal: A computer in every home and on every desk, running Microsoft software. Pretty simple.

Microsoft used to be more honorable than it is, but I don't think it's Bill's doing. (It may be his fault, through inattention to his middle managers.)

If he had stood against the managers who mocked and crushed Borland, or put Lotus to their shame, much would be different now. Microsoft didn't crush those older foes by technical merit nor by financial merit. They did it with the infectious spirit that they could be market leaders, where other companies fell on their own doubts. Now, it is an evil matter of who can outspend whom, for marketing or lawyers.

No, Bill has already stated two general facts that people tend not to hear. Paraphrased,

  • "My wealth is mostly on paper. It's only by taking these ridiculous numbers of shares and multiplying it out, that you come to this scary amount of money."
  • "For all intents and purposes, I have infinite money. I could never spend it all, no matter how hard I tried. I won't give it all to my kids as some false dynasty. I'll give it all away to charities and causes before I die."

As for his decadent years, I think he has already gone through that. There's plenty of gossip about his pre-Melinda years, for those who have a prurient curiosity.

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