It was a brash vision of Everything 2, where the list of node categories was longer than Everything(1)'s list of nodes. Each node could have its own colour scheme and sound effects and many of them were written in Wingdings.

Free from the fascist constraints of meaning and content it had, in a most postmodern way, usurped the WWW as the world's premiere forum of the inane, beautiful and terrifying.

Everyone was on it. They spent all day writing nodes describing their experiences on Everything and not actually having extra-Everything experiences.

This reminded me about nodes I have myself created dealing not with life, but with experiences had while on Everything.

In retrospect, it was more of a nightmare than a dream, though I didn't realize it at the time.

The date and time of the original entry of the dream-node on Everything 1 was 1999-06-21 16:57:06; presumably the dream ended at approximately 4 pm, June 21st, 1999.

The writeup on e1 was originally accompanied by the following edifying commentary by user a life in hell:

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