A song by Clutch
from the album Clutch, 1995, EastWest Records

Like Marlon Brando, but bigger.
You'll find that creature at the bottom of the deep
down Susquehanna River.
This one I had stood right on up to me,
Tore out his hook and declared himself a prodigy.
This one I had he turned bright like the sun
went around three times and departed with the dawn

But oh no, fishing ain't what it used to be.
I've seen some bad years, but this one is just
killing me.

One little nibble in thirteen years,
I really pack 'em in.
This one I had, I seen it in dreams,
All shacked up with lightning and horizon beams.

Well I bring 'em on up, and then I pack 'em
on in
In all the places I've been,
And I swear it's never been like this before,
Least not since nineteen and forty-four.
But today, I made a sick discovery,
Lead box in Sassafras Cove.
Well I brought him on up and then I packed him
on in, oh yes,
Now I'm really cashing in.

Wash of the Chesapeake and Appalachian Blue Range,
I have discovered the body of John Wilkes Booth.
Yes, it's true, I have Mr. Booth.
Everybody got to make a living somehow.
Do I hear a million?

Well I bring 'em on up and then I pack 'em on in.

No social statement. No argument about the death of Abraham Lincoln. This song is pure fun. Singer Neil Fallon uses some sort of distortion over his voice to make the song more odd, but the flavor is pure Clutch. I have the Body of John Wilkes Booth is a story about a poor fisherman who finally hits the motherload when Booth's body washes up on the shore before him. I wonder if anyone would believe him, given the amount of stories he's telling within the song about previous catches.

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