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Dear Sir,

He loves them, because he cannot love himself. He loves you, because he cannot help himself. He loves the world, because the world never loved him. he is God's unwanted child. He is the reason for not living. He is your Devil.

I know the Devil. He lives on my street corner. He is the one you always made fun of. He is the one you always joked about, insulted, played tricks on. I know you did it, I was you play your mind games with him.

I know how he became so fiendish. It was you. You taught him his diabolical tricks, you taught him the ways of torment, the ways of hate, the ways of discrimination. You taught him about the iron fist, which he caries everywhere. He did not teach himself the ways of murder, rape, and molestation, he learned it from you. You were the reason for his demise. You will be the reason for his death. You are the only one who knows what you were capable of, but you thought it was a game. The game became real life, and real life stopped being so fun, didn't it? Your game turned his life into his own death.

I know how you can rid the world of evil, I know how we can rid the world of evil, we simply must stop these games we play. We must stop hurting the innocent, turning them into our satanic pawns, killing them, hurting them. We can start speaking to them, turning them into the angels we know they could be. We can start to care, start to love, and start to understand. That, my friend, is how you stop the Devil.

I don't really know the devil. The Devil is the people who made my satanic friend what he is today, the people who made him into the Devil. However, truly, it is not he who is the devil, simply the ones who created the Devil in him. The ones who convinced him of what he was. The ones who turned him from happiness and light to pain and darkness. The ones who destroyed him, they are the devils.

My friend has many flaws, the flaws that got him into this mess; the flaw of trust, the flaw of hope, the flaw of innocence, and the flaw of love. Through these pure and beautiful flaws my friend has become the repulsive beast that he is today. He listened to you, when you told him what to do. He did as you asked, when you controlled his every move. He obeyed when you gave him an order. His trust was so great that he did all that you asked, yet he is the one who is guilty? You tricked him, you corrupted him, his mind, his life, his soul, and he is guilty?


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