It was raining outside. It almost always was these days, Winter had set in and didn't plan on leaving anytime soon.
Neither of us minded, the sound of rain accompanied our dearest moments spent perfectly. Her eyes always reminded me of the rain, not that they were sad, just that beautiful blue-grey colour.
I loved her eyes. Honestly, I loved everything about her.
She looked up at me, her cheek pressed to my chest, she hadn't been feeling well recently, and to see her anything but her usual cheery self, it broke my heart.
I brushed her hair away from her face and smiled at her, she smiled back and lent up to kiss me.
"I..." I froze, I couldn't, to tell her would be to dig a deeper hole than I had a ladder to get myself out of. I tend to ruin all that I love, I couldn't ruin what we had, so I kissed her.
Everything around us fell away except for the sound of the rain. I pulled back and smiled at her. "I hope you're feeling better soon, m'dear. I care about you."
She smiled sweetly at me, "As do I, you."
She knew. I could see it in the way she was still smiling, she didn't look as tired or ill as she had earlier that evening. She knew that I wanted to say it, maybe she wanted to say it too.
She kissed me again, I didn't need to say it, we both felt it.

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