This song was introduced as an official Girl Scout song when it was published in the "New Girl Scout Songbook" sometime around 1947. In 1998, the Girl Scouts of the USA released statements apologizing to anyone who may have been offended by the racism expressed in the song, and basically banning the song from use by any member of the organization. In truth, this song is pretty awful. Children get a kick out of it, but it is so blatantly anti-Asian that it would also be well suited for a supremacist-rally. I, being the evil Girl Scout that I am, get a sort of perverse kick out of the song and the problems it caused. (To the Girl Scouts, not to those offended by the song. The GSUSA only banned the song after strong legal pressure from equality groups and lambasting by Asian-Americans.) I used to teach this song to young girls around campfires back in the Eighties. sigh. How awful is that? Here it is now, for your enjoyment:
(sing this in a semi-high pitched voice with an overexaggerated, stereotypical Asian accent)

I live-ee in-ee a teeny weeny house-ee
I live-ee on-ee the thirty-first floor
I take-ee in-ee a very big-ee wash-ee
Ruffles on the petticoat, 10 cents more.

I like a bow-wow better than a chow-chow
I like-a little man he like-a me
Went down to Hong Kong
(in a big deep voice) Bigg-a woman come along
Take away my little man
Poor poor me

Went back to Hong Kong
(deep voice again) Hit the lady with a gong!
Got back my little man
Yay for me!

Understand I mean no disrespect to anyone of any racial origin.
This is noded as a piece of history.
Racism is an evil disease that has always plagued society
and sadly, will probably continue to do so for a long time.
Knowledge is the best cure for social cancers.
Nazi Punks Fuck Off

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