I am getting very sleepy. I’ve been wandering in the woods for what seems like hours now. See, I got separated from the group once this blizzard started and then I got lost. Crap, I think I’ve been here before. These trees seem familiar. If only the snow would stop, so I could see my own tracks. Boy, these snow banks are looking more and more like big, fluffy pillows.

You’d be surprised how quickly the cold can sap your strength. And it didn’t help any when I fell into that stream. I’m surprised that it isn’t frozen it was so cold. That's how they make clear ice cubes - freeze moving water. Before I got all wet, I could at least feel my toes.

Ha! Toes? Forget about it! Right about now, I can barely feel my heels. Actually, the feeling is kind of pleasant, like I’m walking in space, weightless... My whole body’s numb. I’ll bet if I just lay down in that big snow bank, I would feel like I was floating. Yeah. Just a quick nap – that’s all I need. Give me a chance to save my strength; warm up a little.

Hey, this snow bank isn’t even that cold. Boy, this sure is relaxing. I’m surprised people don’t come to Siberia more often on vacation. The forest is so peaceful now.

So tired. Sleep. Must sleep.

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