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I wanna be a hero!
I wanna put right
what once went wrong.
I wanna avenge my father’s murder
by the six fingered man.
I wanna be a super hero!
I wanna leap tall buildings in a single bound
and get a
funky high
on yellow sun.
I wanna be the terror that lurks in the night,
I wanna be the hangnail on the hand of evil,
I wanna have sound effects when I
the henchmen
and have witty repartee as I
the super-villain.
I wanna be a secret hero!
I wanna have a car that shoots
and a pen that’s really
a grenade,
and a watch that’s
a laser,
and a radio,
and a detonator,
and anything else Q can fit into it.
I wanna get the girl
everytime -
even if she turns out to be the villain,
or better yet
even if I know she’s the villain from the first.
I wanna save the world
Dr. Evil, and
Number 2, and
Frau, and
I wanna be an action hero!
I wanna take out an entire room full of 
machine gun armed thugs,
using only one clip in a semi-automatic.
I wanna jump off of skyscrapers,
and out of planes,
and through windows…
into an alligator pit.
I wanna outrun an explosion
while the cop who’s 5 days from retirement
gets fried.
I wanna use every weapon known to man
and some that aren’t
(even if I don’t have to)
if it means I get to blow up more stuff.
I wanna be a legendary hero!
I wanna travel ten years to get
I wanna capture a wild boar,
tame man-eating horses,
kill a multi-headed monster.
I wanna find the Golden Fleece.
I wanna lead France to victory,
	even if I get burned at the stake for it
I wanna be a true hero.
I wanna lay my life on the line for
a million other lives,
I wanna lay my life on the line for
I wanna fight for freedom.
I wanna spend my whole life helping the poor without
a single
I wanna be a hero.

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