"I want to eat you."

To devour you.
To consume you.

I want to feel your body become part of mine.

I'd start slowly...licking at your cheek, nuzzling your hip, or nibbling on your toe...

Suckling where your shoulder meets your neck...

And then I'd ... bite.

It wouldn't hurt you. Not at all.
You'd gasp as your skin dimpled and broke under my teeth, but with pleasure, not pain.

"I want to suck you dry, to drain you."

When your blood flooded my mouth, hot and coppery,  I'd drink and drink. A communion. Swallowing you.

"I want every part of you at once."

I want to look inside you. To know every part of you. To absorb you.

"I want you all over me."

I see myself clothed in your blood. It runs over my chin and across my breasts, trickling, tickling, till you lift a finger to catch a drip and raise it to my lips.

I suck on your finger, accepting what you offer me to taste. I graze you with my teeth.

Oh, I graze you with my teeth.
Nipping flesh, swallowing muscle, gulping the still hot freshets of blood.

I look at your face, still intact, still perfect, and whisper...

"I want you inside me."

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