"Beyond this door the mission begins. Do you have your party ready?"

Rain looked around at those she had gathered. "Yes," she nodded. "I think we're ready."

"Alright," the doorman said, "in you go." His forearm tensed. He pull the handle.

Bright light burst forth from the crack in the doorway. He opened it fully, and white light erased all else that could be seen.

Rain's party could still tell where the doorway was, despite being blinded. Air was rushing into the doorway, and it was all they could do not to be sucked through. But they already knew where they wanted to go.

One after another, they each took a small step, and suddenly they had whizzed out the other side, falling through the atmosphere.

Light was everywhere. It took a few moments before their eyes could take it all in. A second Earth, green, blue, one that had not been destroyed by the folly of their previous world. And they were falling through it.

One by one, they unfolded their wings and took off in different directions. They knew where they were going. They had planned for this a long time. Time worked differently here. There would be no regular sundown like they were used to. But sundown still existed. They would have to actively seek it out. And they all knew they would meet at sundown. They instinctively knew where too.

They were linked informally by a telepathic network, similar to the internet of their old world, but one that no longer required technology. Only the power of thought and their strength of will. They would be able to map out the entire world within their first afternoon there, and communicate it to one another, storing everything they collectively saw in a network of shared memory.

This would become their world, and they would do with it as they willed, travel beyond it if they so desired. It was only the old world that they would not be returning to. Not in the same way.

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