I was alone

for too long I never once in my life ever had a girlfriend so every night I would cuddle with my pillow shirtless and kiss it pretending it was my girlfriend. I would play a lot of anime dating sim games and I would think they are really cute and "Real girls" are just ugly and not for me. This made me think I was born into the wrong universe and whenever I watched anime not only did I feel emotional but I felt left out on all the action which is one reason i play video games and why i game so much on the Xbox one and play a bunch of anime games on pc. It wasnt enough though I needed to be in the action and my whole life I wanted to date anime girls but never could cause dating sims werent enough. I dont want to date a real girl because they dont actually love you they either just want your money, want you for sex, will turn out to be a HUGE BITCH (please excuse my language) or just want you as a flirty friend and wont actually "love" you. Not a lot of anime girls are like that a good portion of them are actually really carring even the ones who seem like they have no life. Whenever i see an anime guy and girl hug I just feel so emotional and again kept wishing I had an anime girlfriend. This is one good reason I will probably never marry.

The other reasons are commitment and will bug you about having kids (i cant have that responsibility). Not to mention weaboos like me are frowned upon society. Now what if i went to find a weaboo girlfriend? Now a good question I must ask myself. Well heres what you have to consider. The previous problems I mentioned and weaboos are frowned upon society so chances are pretty narrow that i find a weaboo girl period. what if I get really really lucky and find one thats actually carring and doesnt have any of those previous problems? An even better question! well then heres the thing we would probably isolate ourselves from everyone else (because weaboos are frowned upon society and we would spend so much time playing video games and watching anime) we wouldnt talk to anyone but each other and we might even stop being able to take of ourselves cause we would watch anime or play video games 24/7 and we get super unhealthy in both mental and physical health and lose our social skills with everyone. what if we dont tell anyone we are weaboos and have a lot of friends? Another excellent question where do I come up with these? Well then again their friends would EVENTUALLY find out cause they would get our hobbies out of us and whats our hobbies? playing video games and watching anime. What if they accept us? . Well chances itself are very narrow that ill find a weaboo girlfriend that i already mention that actually "loves me" and the friends thing peried makes it 10x more narrow and them accepting us makes it even 3x more narrow. So maybe i have a very very very small chance but i could come up with more questions to make my chances even more narrow such as how will we be able to manage ourselves to be healthy physically and mentally. Just super narrow. And this is all IF I find one and be able to hit on her and stuff and im a very shy person and idk how to properly dump someone if I find the wrong one.

Well this is my "I was alone for too long" story

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