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Here in Orlando, there used to be a great bar/club called the Go Lounge. They closed it a while back, and it has just recently been reopened as a trendy restaraunt called "The Globe." Some friends of mine are independant filmmakers, and were hired to film a commercial for the globe. Being the stunningly handsome (and modest) guy I am, I was of course invited to the shoot. I was to arrive at 11 am, and stay until it was done. I expected the crew to consist of a few young kids like myself walking around with a video camera filming us at play for a couple hours. Wrong.

I arrived at Kit Kat Klub, (the bar next door) and signed a release form. The inside of the place had been transformed to a wardrobe closet. Draped over the pool tables were dozens of outfits of the hippest fabest trendyest clothes ever! Beautiful people were out in full force, looking suave as possible... with every possible haircolor you could imagine. They had a makeup guy and a hair guy too. There was a break in shooting long enough for me to be placed "on the set." They had a huge film camera on a dolly like in the movies, and sun lamps and reflectors all over to light the place up. The director of photography, a flaming gay man, looked me up and down with a twinkle in his eyes. "You are too cute!" he cooed painfully as his eyes turned skyward. "You look like Brad Pitt's little brother or something!"

He led me by the shoulder to a place by the bar, and sat me down next to a very exotic looking girl. "Ok BRAD," he exclaimed, "your job is to look like you're picking Stephanie up. OK?" I nodded, not knowing quite to expect. Stephanie said "Hi." flatly, and then turned back around to talk to her girlfriend of three years. Then a woman came and put a plate of beautiful food in front of me. To my surprise, it was mostly fake and inedible! The sour cream was really some oil-paint-based concoction, and the butter was some kind of lemon yellow play-dough or something. Then they brought me a cup of fake irish coffee. It was really Coke syrup, with a layer of piped shortening on top instead of whipped cream. Yummmm!!!

We sat for 20 mins while everyone was placed in the scene. Then there were 20 seconds of actual filming: A long panning camera shot... from the back to the front of the place, while a stream of good looking couples poured through the front door with million dollar smiles on their airbrushed faces. The back of my head might be in that shot. The bartender, who was really an actor, ...my friend Andy, had messed up the scene by looking at the camera. They decided to redo it. It took a couple minutes to set the shot back up. The next time around, Stephanie was leaning too far to one side, and her "drink" was not visible in the shot... so they redid it. Every scene took at least 5 takes. It was ~5 pm when everything wrapped up. I was so afraid to look at the camera, I don't know how many scenes I might be in. It might just be the back of my head or my profile for a half second or something. It was a fun day though. The commercial will be aired on MTV, Comedy Central, SciFi channel, and Cartoon Network. I learned something new also: to purchase a 30 second local spot on MTV at 8 pm on a saturday night costs only $10 !!! What a deal!!! I gotta remember that the next time someone has a birthday.

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