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Acronym, and nickname, for Inhibited Red Fuming Nitric Acid, the storable oxidizer of choice for modern liquid-fuel rockets (hydrogen performs better, but it requires cryogenic storage). Red fuming nitric acid is formed by passing gaseous N2O4 through garden variety nitric acid, HNO3. To make the red fuming nitric acid more stable, it is inhibited by an addition of 0.6 percent hydrofluoric acid, HF. IRFNA reacts violently with organic materials, releasing large amounts of heat, and usually starting fires. Some common fuels used with IRFNA include kerosenes, hydrazines, and in much older rockets, ethanols. IRFNA is highly corrosive, and (surprise!) toxic if ingested. Because it's so reactive, it is also possible to die from skin contact with IRFNA.

IRFNA, in addition to being an oxidizer for rocketry, can be combined with glycerin to make nitroglycerin. Basic instructions can be found in the novel "Fight Club", but for specifics, consult a chemistry manual.

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